Florida JETAA

Regional Representatives

Want more JETAA involvement in your area? Contact your local Regional Representative! Florida's JET alumni are split into different regions with a volunteer Regional Representative in charge of each location. The Regional Representatives aid with organizing local gatherings and encouraging JET alumni to keep their connections with Japan and the JET Program alive. Occasionally, they may also help arrange carpooling for statewide and cross-regional events.

PensacolaOpen, contact President if interested
GainesvilleOpen, contact President if interested
Treasure CoastEvan
Ft. MyersOpen, contact President if interested
South FloridaWendy
KeysOpen, contact President if interested

Representative Bios


Tallahassee Regional Representative: Joy-Katherine Martin

I served as a JET ALT in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture from 2011-2016. I taught at two high schools, one with an advanced English program full of friendly, ‘genki’ students, the other with shy students who required a bit more coaxing. In my free time, I bonded with many Japanese small business owners, received a grant for TEFL certification, and passed the JLPT N2. I am new to Tallahassee, but I want to be a bond between the people of Tallahassee and Japan by hosting more cultural exchange activities in this area. If you have any ideas, even if you’re not in Tallahassee area, please let me know!


Orlando Regional Representative: Tom Gregorich

I was an ALT at Wakimachi High School in Tokushima prefecture from 2001-2003. After JET I spent a few more years teaching including one year at a Japanese school in Mexico City where I got to combine my love of both Japanese and Hispanic cultures. I eventually moved back to the states and am now an associate producer at Golf Channel where I work in our Japanese department. I love being outdoors, reading good novels, and talking Japan with fellow JET alums :). If you're interested in taking part in a JETAA camping trip in central Florida let me know as I'd like to plan something for this winter.



Tampa Regional Representative: John McGee

John McGee has been Tampa Regional Representative since the position was created in 2006.  Before that he was JETAA Treasurer.  In fact, the Region Representative concept was his idea, since the state is so large with dispersed population centers.  He also founded Tampa Natsumatsuri as a way to draw together the diffuse and relatively private Japanese cultural groups in the area.  The festival started as a community picnic and has grown into a full fledged natsumatsuri running for over a decade.



evan-darrowTreasure Coast Regional Representative: Evan Darrow

Hello everyone.  I just returned from Japan and am now living in West Palm Beach.  I'm from Boca Raton, Florida.  After graduating from New College of Florida in Sarasota, I lived in Kyoto, Japan for three years on the JET Program.  While in Japan, I grew to love the culture and language, and I hope to continue practicing my Japanese.  I look forward to meeting everyone in the area for Japanese practice or other cultural events!



South Florida Regional Representative: Wendy Lo

My name is Wendy Lo the South Florida Reigional Rep. I was a JET in Toyama Prefecture from 2002-2005, where I taught elementary and junior high. I currently work as the Curator of Education at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens and living out my passion of educating others about Japanese culture. I became involved with Florida JETAA when I returned and for two years was the VP of FLJETAA. I have been a Regional Rep since 2007 and there are a variety of activities I have organized over the years: Tanabata party, Natsukashii party, volunteer activities, archery, and our annual Bounenkai. I hope to plan more activities and that more JETAA will participate or be a co-organizer. Please contact me if you have any ideas for activities.


Regional Representatives Open Positions:

Currently there are four Florida regions that are in need of a Regional Representatives: Pensacola, Gainesville, Ft. Myers and the Keys. If the position appeals to you, or if you know someone perfectly suited for the job, please send in a nomination to the JETAA President at president@floridajetaa.org.

Regional Representatives/chapters are required to organize a minimum of one (1) event per calendar year in order to be considered active (if possible in your local region). Regional representatives must report the event attendance to the Board of Directors.

This position is appointed and does not have a term limit.

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