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Officer Bios

President: Lauren Sorondo

Hello! I'm a Miami native. In September 2014, I returned from 2 years in Kumamoto with JET. Since then, I've participated in FL JETAA events, and also started hosting "Coffee 会話," a conversation circle in South Florida. I am passionate about JETAA and supporting the new and old alumni. In a state as large as Florida, I believe the best way is through communication of events.





Vice President: Allan Mordetsky
Our VP was in Saitama prefecture and Tokyo from 2005-2010. During his time on the JET Programme he was appointed to Kuki City where he worked at Kuki’s 4 junior high schools, 11 elementary schools, the only city run kindergarten, volunteered for numerous international festivals and local matsuri, served on the advisory board for sister city relations, and participated in the city run Japanese classes for foreigners where he tutored fellow students. He then went on to work for other public and private companies for his remaining time in Japan.

The VP also took advantage of the culinary opportunities present while in Japan and worked as a cooking teacher at a school in Urawa, assisting in teaching foreign students Washoku and Yoshoku, and apprenticed at a ryokan in Tokyo where he studied Kaiseki.

Presently the VP is involved with a local elementary school where he teaches, volunteers for events, and tutors students. He also tutors for a local education company, grades K through 12 and some adult learners, and is sitting secretary on the Scholarship Board.


STBprofileTreasurer: Sean Beckwith

I served as a JET in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture for two years from 2005-2007. I worked at a very large junior high school and was quite active with club activities (Bukatsu) through participation in soccer practices and events. Additionally, I worked as an instructor at private language corporations in Japan both before and after my time as a JET. I lived in Japan for a total of 6 years, and I visit whenever possible- most recently in 2014. My wife is Japanese and we try to find an opportunity for her to return home once a year. I am currently completing a Master’s in Oceanography at USF’s College of Marine Science. I have worked with a budget to secure funding for my research and I also work with the college’s webmaster to post photos and information to the college’s Facebook page.


Secretary: Kyle Litow
Hailing from Slate Hill, New York, Kyle went to the University of California, Berkeley, where he majored in biochemistry and studied mathematics and Japanese. While at Berkeley, he competed at an elite level on the NCAA division I Men's Gymnastics team. He was accepted into the JET Program and was stationed in Sendai, Japan from 2008 to 2010. During his free time in Japan, he voluntarily coached the Tohoku University gymnastics team, traveled the country, developed a passion for linguistics and became a life-long student of the Japanese language.

He returned to the U.S. in 2010 and went straight into medical school in New York City, where he also joined the JETAA NY division. He is currently a doctor training in general surgery in South Miami. Kyle is passionate about the JET Program and strives to foster a strong community among JET alumni and those interested in Japan and the program. He brings to the JETAA the same discipline and motivation that allows him to command an operating room. While fulfilling the duties of secretary to his fullest, Kyle serves as a mentor and friend to all those around him.

Webmaster: Dolly Sanborn

I'm a Sunshine State native now residing in Casselberry, near Orlando. As an ALT in Okayama City, I taught for several junior high schools from 1999-2001, some a short bike ride within the city, to others a few bus rides away. My experience in Japan followed my graduation from the Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida where I studied Graphic and Interactive Communication. While in Japan I was fortunate to study Shodo with a sensei every week and visited as many art museums, gardens, temples and shrines as I could throughout the country. I also tried to do something new everyday.

As webmaster I hope to continue the good work that the board members accomplished before me. Through my profession I have web experience that will be useful here. Making connections with other JET alumni as well as recruiting and preparing departing JETs are only some of the reasons that I have found JETAA to be a valuable community. 

Information Officer: Lauren Sorondo (please see President's bio above)


Board Descriptions

The JETAA board of officers are elected at the beginning of every year on a semi-alternating basis. All elected positions carry a 2- year term. Our officers come from all across the state of Florida, and as a result the meetings typically take place electronically and, occasionally, in a central meeting location such as Orlando.

Elections take place in February, and the new board is announced in March. The new officers will begin their duties April 1.

Duties and responsibilities vary according to the posts, but the main goals are to:

  • Maintain JET alumni connections to the Program
  • Communicate with National JETAA and other chapters
  • Create and advertize events and get-togethers for JET alumni to attend
  • Assist with helping new JETs prepare for their journey (as schedules allow)
  • Help promote the program at university information sessions (as schedules allow)
  • Attend annual JETAA conventions


Regional Representatives:

Regional representatives/chapters are required to organize a minimum of one (1) event per calendar year in order to be considered active (if possible in your local region).  Regional representatives must report the event attendance to the Board of Directors.

This position is appointed and does not have a term limit.

If one of the positions appeals to you, or if you know someone perfectly suited for one of the jobs, please send in a nomination!

Region Representatives

If you're looking for your local JETAA contact, please visit the regions page.

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